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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  January 13, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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kevin: now at noon, gusty westerly winds bringing in very we will talk about the next futurecast ahead. sean: plus, police have just killed in this crash in hampstead. night' s ice and snow played. the 10 navy sailors briefly held by iran are now back in u.s. custody. the new photos that show the moment they were seized. >> i think i' d help my family out. sean: and the rush is on to buy those powerball tickets. ahead of tonight' s record breaking $1.5 billion drawing. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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sean: we begin this noon with breaking news. route 153 is closed right now in the town of f in him near plantation road because of a rolled over fire truck. you can see the truck still in its roof with a snap utility pole. wires are down, as you can see. we are working to get details on what caused the crash and if there are any injuries. we' ll bring you more details as they come in here on news 9 as well as on our website and mobile app. good afternoon, everybody. i' m sean mcdonald. we' re also watching the weather once again this afternoon. instead of the snow and slick road conditions we had last night, today the issue is cold temperatures and strong winds. right now in goffstown, new boston road between cushing road and hermsdorf ave is closed due to a tree and power lines down because of heavy winds. meteorologist kevin skarupa is here with what we can expect the rest of today. kevin? kevin: strong winds continuing
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a few more gusts over 35 come even 40 miles an hour to partial sunshine south of the white mountains. once we get beyond the wind today and the colder temperatures, all eyes on the gulf of mexico for the next system trying to develop of the next few days. for the time being, temperatures have not been going up much. we will continue to see those gusts this afternoon play out, 30, even 40 miles an hour, providing the extra windchill in the air. we will have much more possible system ahead with futurecast coming up in just a few minutes. sean: we have new details on last night' s deadly crash in hampstead. police slick conditions played a role in the death of 31-year-old lori dawe of derry. her car had slid off stage road because of ice and snow. after dawe got out of her car, an suv driven by a 17-year-old came down the road, lost control, and ran into dawe. the teen was taken to the police station to be interviewed, but
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the truck driver who hit a police cruiser on interstate 89 last night. stopped to help a driver who had gone off the road in warner just after 6:00. a tractor-trailer going too fast for the conditions then drove by and hit the cruiser. median. the trooper was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. after initially stopping, state police say the truck driver investigators from the state s office are back in grafton at the scene of a deadly fire. the fire started at a former church that dates to the late 1700' s. found inside. his name has not been released. a town selectman says a new owner purchased the property in recent years with the goal of forming a church called peaceful assembly, but last week, the town started the process to take back the building due to a new this noon, a salem man is in the hospital after being pulled from a burning vehicle after overdosing on heroin. officials found the man passed out inside the burning car on
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morning. officers say the man had injected heroin inside a home and then went to his car to drive to work. they say he overdosed and his foot became stuck on the accelerator. the engine overheated and caught fire. to commitment 2016 now. and republican presidential candidate chris christie is back in the granite state. right now, he' s speaking at a roundtable event in bedford. earlier this morning, he spoke at a town hall at the pinardville fire station in goffstown. the new jersey governor is also attending a business town hall in bedford. bill clinton will also be here today, campaigning on behalf of his wife. he has events planned in keene, claremont, and hanover. u.s. military officials have confirmed all 10 sailors have been freed after their boats crossed over into iran' s territorial waters. karla barguiarena has more on why they were detained and what
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karla: announced first on iranian tv, these pictures u.s. sailors on their way back to u.s. custody. the iranian authorities for response. karla: the sailors are seen on the floor of the same boats in which they were seized. the one female sailor wearing a head covering, required in iran. se. c. kerry: these are situations that habitability, if not properly guided, to get out of control. i am appreciative for the quick and appropriate response of the iranian authorities. karla: the crisis began on tuesday after the sailors' two small boats allegedly drifted into iranian waters. they were transitioning from kuwait to bahrain when the iranians say the navigation equipment on one of the boats failed, resulting in what they called "an intrusion."
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twitter by an iranian government news service show the moments when the sailors were in custody, their arms up and their firearms out on display. the navy saying there are no indications any of the 10 had been harmed while in custody. the quick resolution diffused what could have been an international crisis. in just days, iran is expected to meet the terms of the nuclear deal created last summer with world powers, in which would result in $100 billion worth of sanctions lifted. karla barguiarena, abc news, new york. sean: president obama is preparing to leave washington one day after delivering his final state of the union address. he travels to nebraska today and louisiana tomorrow. during his speech, the president said he is pushing for a cure for cancer. he is putting vice president joe biden in charge. the vice president says he' s already met with nearly 200 top physicians, researchers, and philanthropists over the past few months and wants to bring
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more advances. vp biden: you know that every single family in america has been affected by cancer. it is the largest killer in the world, and we' re so close, so incredibly close on finding and finding -- finding cures and finding fundamental aid to make it not a death sentence. sean: biden lost his son beau to cancer last year. you only have a few hours to buy your ticket for a chance at the record-breaking powerball jackpot. right now, it stands at $1.5 billion, but it could grow even more before the drawing. wmur' s ray brewer is live in manchester at the place many consider the luckiest place in new hampshire. good afternoon, ray. ray: good afternoon, sean here here at bunny' s superette,
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past winners, throughout the day, a lot of people hoping indeed that lightning does struck the same place twice. at the bright spot in nashua they were getting ready for the day' s onslaught. the store, like many across the state, has had to order more paper for their lottery machines as the jackpot is estimated at $1.5 billion. the bright spot is known as a lucky store. steve noel: in the past year, we' ve sold two $250,000 on scratch tickets, and we' re always getting multiple winners on all the other games as well. ray: at the bright spot, lines typically start to form around noon time. so some customers were coming early to beat the rush. >> i' m here because my wife tells me to do so. ray: al miller says unlike some -- where it was warm. ray: neither he nor his wife are sure what they would do if they won. al: she would be thinking for about two days what to do. i' d help out. i would give a lot of it away. ray: bunny' s superette in manchester is known as the luckiest store in the state. >> i need 10 numbers please.
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those trying his luck. arthur: i' m not a heavy better, but occasionally i will buy them. ray: kamberis turned 96 two days ago. so you going to take a lump sum or annuities? arthur: i' ray: here at bunny' s, they have had to put on extra tellers just for lottery terminals. the owner says he thought they were busy last year when the mega millions jackpot was over $600 million, but this is stretching their lottery infrastructure to the breaking piamod nyuanne: we' ve come to a point now where somebody needs to hits tonight because we cannot really do any more. [laughs] ray: you can see here, just in the minute that we have been here or so, that the line has started to form once again at s superette. since sunday, this one store has new hampshire has sold more than a million tickets. nationwide, which could boost
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billion mark. reporting live from the luckiest place in new hampshire, ray brewer, wmur news 9. sean: it is because ray is there. we' ll find out the winning numbers for the $1.5 dollar powerball tonight at 11:00. you can watch the drawing right here on wmur. good luck to everybody. rescued after being trapped for more than 13 hours. coming up, why it took crews so long to rescue a worker that got stuck in a sewer. plus, officials in mexico take extra measures to keep drug lord el chapo behind bars after escaping from prison twice. kevin: colder air continues to final in on pretty gusty winds this afternoon. the same cold air in place with the next system arriving over the weekend. details coming up. sean: plus in today' s cook' s corner, we' re making a pasta
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sean: right now, lawyers for bill cosby are asking a federal judge to keep some of the materials in the civil defamation lawsuit against him sealed. seven women, including one from new hampshire, claim cosby defamed them after they went public with allegations of rape and other sexual misconduct. cosby' s lawyers want any documents in the case to be kept confidential for 14 days, then either side could ask the records be sealed longer. lawyers for the women say that would violate the public' s right to transparent legal
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mexico is taking extra measures to make sure the drug lord known as el chapo doesn' t escape a third time. a government spokesman says joaquin guzman is being moved constantly from cell to cell. six months ago, he escaped from that same maximum security prison through a tunnel that was dug. he' s also under 24-hour video surveillance. mexico says it could take a year or more to extradite guzman to the u.s. to face drug charges. a worker who spent more than 13 hours trapped in a sewer in california is now recovering at a half. it' ll firefighters -- firefighters pulled him out of the 10-foot line overnight. he got stuck after a trench collapsed. crews had a tough time rescuing him. the dirt around him had the consistency of sand so it was tough to hold back. so cold out there today. kevin: it is, and the winds not helping the situation. 40 miles an hour the coldest of the air that rushes in.
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what happens to the next system that is trying to arrive? sean: i guess we will find out. coming up, a tangy twist on the we' re making puttanesca in cook'
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>> now, meteorologist kevin skarupa with your stormwatch 9 forecast. kevin: the southern half of the state, a lot of sunshine, but you can see the water moving around they are right we have winds gusting over 30 miles an hour, approaching 40 miles an hour this afternoon. it is providing the windchill which is that single digits and the teens. good deal of sunshine anywhere in the southern half of the state. the farther north you go, quite a few more clouds, and showers and flurries. white mountains to the great north woods. out your we continue to see the snow shower activity. up north, a couple of gus over a 100 miles an hour. a lot of talk about what might happen over the weekend. as you will notice what we are
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not even developed yet, and it is a solid 1500 miles an from even affecting us. mid and upper 20' s. that tells a little but of the story here sustained wind at 20 miles an hour, gusts over 35, even 40 miles an hour. s out teens. and you have not had a lot of these yet this winter, but it is feeling a lot more like the winter season now. reinforced on that westerly wind for the afternoon. a cold not tonight, single temperatures later tonight with clearing skies of more than fair skies for southern areas. one little weak disturbance moves and through the afternoon. the chance of a couple flurries or snow showers tomorrow afternoon. nothing that should accumulate. then we go back to sunshine, highs tomorrow in the 20' s with a lighter winds, 30' s on friday.
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eventually, whatever happens over the course of the day saturday tries to start lifting northward very early saturday morning. the main question is exactly how close this storm system is going to be to us. most of the maps right now have been fading a little bit farther to the east and offshore, which would lessen the effect for us here in language. this is a trend with three different sets of maps. the trend of course is the thing we look at as the system starts to develop. as a becomes an area of low pressure, the maps will have a much better handle on exactly where this is going to go. it is a "stay tuned" situation. all options on the table as far as rain or snow, and the potential of how much, if anything, we get from it. that is the wildcard in the entire 7-day forecast. for the time being, the chill is out there, the winds gusting, breathing tonight, fair skies all the way through friday. once we get beyond that system saturday, colder air rushes in.
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good part of the first half of next week. but that too cook' s corner -- let' s corner. sean: we joined by chef tony restaurant. tony: today we are cooking up puttanesca. past month. we really have a menu that captures our beautiful view of winnipesaukee. we are looking at the inn on day point. our phone number 279-2253. also happening in the common man, we have on february 20 a murder mystery dinner. that is going to the $50 a head on february 20. you want to visit the common man website. i will drop my fettuccine in some boiling water. my shrimp, my mussels,
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sean: this is typical puttanesca? tony: a little twist. we have anchovies, papers, olives. he want to spend your pasta since it is fresh. we do fresh pasta from lilies pasta company. sean: so the squid will turn to black? tony: yes, it has the typical fettuccine flavor, but it gives us a little flair. lake house grill has a wine dinner on january 27 that is $75 a person. for more information, again, called 279-2551. be sure to call quickly. those tend to sell out. my pasta here, you want to go for about a minute. my capers, my olives -- sean: with valentine' s day coming up, a great place to take a significant other. on the mystery dinner. tony: absolutely.
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also, our airport diner, they have an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. $10.99 for adults. sean: they might cut me off after a wild. [laughter] tony: we will add our pasta. sean: turn off your smell-o-vision, folks. how did you do that so fast? i tried it home, and it was a train wreck. tony: i practice a lot. be sure to follow us on facebook on and visit for more menus, phone numbers, information. check out our hoax at rest areas -- hooksett rest areas. sean: tony bomba, thank you very
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he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. sean: welcome back. animal lovers, listen up, a farm in virginia is looking for goat snugglers. that' s no joke -- the farm in ambermarle county is expecting mid-february. kevin, get on the list. so it needs volunteers who would
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newborn goats have to be bottle-fed four times a day and they must be kept warm. kevin: besides dogs, goats are probably my favorite animal. i do not think they will have any problem filling the roster or snugglers. temperatures feeling colder than temperatures in the 20' s. we will keep an eye on the trends for saturday. sean: extra layers today. starting tonight at 5:00, new hampshire working to protect school employees who die in the line of duty. which schools would be included in this proposal? and new information about the reasons for the rising number of heroin deaths. that does it for us.
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